Hi there!
I’m an award-winning Polish Animation Director and Illustrator.  I have an MA in Animation from the Royal College of Art in London and a BA from the University of Westminster.
I love working in hand-drawn animation in these more and more digital times. My technique is adjusted to the clients’ needs - first I create digital animation and when that stage is approved and the client is happy with it I move on to the analogue stage and either animate in ink, charcoal, crayons, and paint. Creating animation that feels physical and tactile brings me a lot of joy although I am also proficient in digital animation and have a lot of experience in assisting on music videos, short films, and ads for other directors.
The main themes of my works are the absurdity of the world around us and the surreal, while other works and films focus on conveying the unconscious and its desires, fears, and the anxiety of the insomniac mind. I love to take inspiration from real-life stories and transform them into engaging short films and visuals.
My graduation film Nigel was premiered on Short of the Week and honoured with a Vimeo Staff Pick. It has been nominated for the McLaren Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and received awards worldwide. The latest film I directed animation-wise Fischia Il Vento has just entered the festival submissions with a Croatian animation distributor but hopes are high for that one!
My past clients include among others the Natural History Museum in London, Passion Pictures, Strangebeast & Sony.
I am represented by Cardel for commercial works - info@cardelentertainment.com
I'm always up for collaboration and new challenges so please get in touch! :)   
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