BA first year film at the University of Westminster in London.
It focuses on relations between seemingly accidental images we come across in our dreams or nightmares. The visions we see in our dreams can tell us some stories with sensible plots and characters. We can replay our memories changed in a way according to our emotions or experiences. But what is the most disturbing and therefore fascinating is the chain of surprising, grotesque dark scenes that are stuck in our subconscious. For some reason they are "shown" together as one. 
The film is about those blurred connections between the pictures projected in our sleeping minds. The shots seem to be random, they change rapidly, and the plot is twisted so there is different concept of the meaning for everyone of us. The film is kept in dark surrealistic atmosphere mostly inspired by 20th Century photography such as Andre Kertesz and Henri Cartier-Bresson with an influence of works by Guillaume Apollinaire.
Festival Selections: 
Special Mention - Festival Internacional Buñuel - Calanda 2016
33rd Cartoon Club Rimini 2017
Corto Imola Festival 2015,
Athens Animfest 2016,
Montreal International Animation Film Festival Animaze 2016,
Festival Internacional de Animação 2016,
Animation Marathon 2016
Post Mortem Horror and Bizarre Short Film Festival 2016
Short Movie Club 2017
The Unprecedented Cinema International Festival 2017
Shorts on Tap, London 2017
New Renaissance Film Festival, London 2018
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