Based on the memoirs of 20-year-old Italian partisan Lino Dordoni, Fischia il Vento (The Wind Whistles) traces the events that occurred during The Battle of Monticello, Northern Italy, on April 16th, 1945, when 450 SS soldiers executed a surprise attack at dawn against roughly 25 Partisan resistance fighters located inside the castle of Monticello. Stationed in an abandoned stable nearby and suddenly awoken by the echo of the battle raging at the castle, Lino and his squad set out on a journey to aid their comrades as fast as they can.  
Scriptwriter, director, editor: Alessandro Dordoni 
Director of animation: Natasza Cetner 
Voices: Denio Derni, Luca Torchiani, Francesco Wolf, Andrea Tagliabue, Marco Troiano, Joe Prestia, Vito Buchicchio, Giuseppe Magazzù
Design: Natasza Cetner, James Lawson
Storyboard Artist: James Lawson 
Visual development: Francesco Poiana
Animation Assistants: Agata Leniartek, Dominika Karc, Luke Ramsay, Sofia Negri 
Sound design: Alessandro Dordoni, Steve Bond
Sound mix: Steve Bond
Music composer: Paolo Fornasari 
Featured track: Lascia by Georg Friedrich Händel performed by Gallant/Meegan/Tobin/Kelly 
Production Companies: Cardel, OAK9 Entertainment
Executive Producers: Kelley Daniel, Rhiannon Crothers  
Animation Producers: Carla Mooney, Delwyn Mooney 
Producer: Mimi Thomas  
Co-Producer: Mindaugas Jokubaitis 
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