Life in the Dark - Temporary Exhibition at the 
Natural History Museum (2018)

Collaboration with the animator Ala Nunu Leszynska, Jason Bruges Studio and Natural History Museum on the exhibition Life in the Dark which focuses on the bizarre world of animals and their different ways of living in the darkness in various corners of the world.   

The installation we worked on was the projection that welcomes the guests once they enter the exhibition. The frame by frame animated silhouettes of the fox, owl and badgers illustrate their nocturnal behaviours in their environment. 
Jason Bruges Studio was commissioned to create a series of three installations for Life in the Dark at the Natural History Museum – an exhibition that delves into the darkest corners of earth to reveal a vibrant, buzzing ecosystem that is rich, diverse, bizarre and extraordinary.
The Natural History Museum were keen to create an inspiring learning environment that brings to life the habitats and behaviours of creatures that live in the dark. Working closely with exhibition designers, Nissen Richards Studio, Jason Bruges Studio worked towards interactive experiences that are multisensory and dynamic, combining science with art and technology to bring visitors closer to nature.
Life in the Dark takes visitors on a fascinating journey. It begins in a forest setting at twilight where foxes, owls and badgers entice us into the night. Jason Bruges Studio worked with RCA students Ala Nunu leszyńska and Natasza Cetner to develop a charming multi-layered projection artwork that reveals the playful nocturnal habits of these familiar woodland creatures.
Life in the Dark is a boundary-pushing exhibition that explores innovative approaches to learning. Through three installations, Jason Bruges Studio demonstrates how light can be used creatively as an educational tool, revealing animation and diverse moments of theatre that mimic animal behaviours and engage children and adults with nature. The installations contribute elegant expressive forms of illumination that take people on a magical journey into the lives of creatures that live in the dark.
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