Adapted from the acclaimed Outer Critics Circle Award-nominated Off-Broadway play and the number one podcast in the country, This American Life, Stalking the Bogeyman follows the true story of journalist David Holthouse who plans the murder of the man who destroyed his childhood.
The Stalking the Bogeyman film will be a 12-14 minute drama, blending genre and media formats. Part live-action, part animation, this innovative way of storytelling allows us to explore the central character’s trauma in visually captivating and unexpected ways to foster understanding, empathy, and solidarity with the survivors of sexual abuse.
For 25 years, David did nothing about the man who brutally raped him when he was seven. But when the rapist moves to the same town, David can no longer ignore the thoughts that have been haunting him his entire life. The solution? To kill the bogeyman.
Stalking the Bogeyman, the short film, functions on two levels: as a stand-alone story with a clear beginning, middle, and end, and as a proof of concept which can be expanded into a feature narrative film. We have tremendous talent attached (both in front of, and behind the camera) and anticipate a successful run at major international film festivals. After its festival run, the short film will be licensed to Anti-Sexual Assault and other charitable organizations for educational and fundraising purposes.
We hope that this story of understanding and reconciliation will continue to reach new and broader audiences, spreading its vital message that transformation through communication is not only possible but effective. As David Holthouse frequently states in his lectures: “The conspiracy of silence does not need to exist.”
Directed by Markus Potter 
Produced by Jack Dorfman, Fabrizio Ellis, Frederic Ehrhardt & New York Rep
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