The interviews gathered from people in prison proved to be a powerful script for the film. The short film offers real insight, with real voices from prisoners and acts as a starting point for discussion around positive changes that can be made to maintain dignity for people in prison and also to offer advice and support for staff.
Research Team
Chantal Edge - Chief Investigator, University College London
Rich Stockley - Co-investigator, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership
Georgia Black - Co-investigator, University College London
Emma King - Collaborator, University College London
Laura Swabey - Collaborator, University College London
Jake Hard - Collaborator, Royal College of General Practitioners Secure Environments Group
Research Partners
User Voice
Surrey County Council
University College London
Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership
Directed by Tjoff Koong Studios (Tezo Don Lee & Magnus Lenneskog)
Animated by Tezo Don Lee & Magnus Lenneskog
Additional Animation by George Wheeler & Natasza Cetner
Sound design and music by Luciano Rossi
Production Passion Animation Studios & Greenhouseanimation
Producer Becky Perryman
Wellcome Trust
Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership
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